Floor rugs

Riitta’s floor rugs fall into two main categories; hand spun wool rugs and commercially spun wool rugs. All the rugs are of the highest quality, strong, thick and very durable with beautiful textures. They combine a subtle harmony of colours and contrasts with exciting asymmetrical designs. The hand spun wool rugs also have a beautiful textured feel.

All the rugs are woven in wool on linen warp and the yarns are always dyed especially for each rug making them all unique and unrepeatable. They are either 80 cm or 100 cm wide, and between 120 and 200 cm in length. Larger rugs up to 180 cm wide are available by commission only.

Prices vary from £300 to £2000 depending on size, type of yarn used and the complexity of the design. Please email Riitta for details of rugs currently in stock or to discuss possible commissions.

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